Ujamaa Christian Poetry

That Good Old Time Religion

Dear friends, are you old enough to know about
that good old time religion?
Without it we were for sure headed
straight for Satan in a big collision.

But many great Holy Spirit filled preachings
went on in those days.
A lot of people were being saved at those revivals
they gave God all the praise.

How about now? Do we still have that good old time religion
in these days of hate, war and sorrows?
Do we Christians still look gladly for our blessings
from God for our tomorrows?

I, for one, was saved by that old time religion;
it was awesome; Oh! So grand!
Dear friends, if you are not saved now,
reach out and hold on to our Lord's hand.

Receive that good old time religion given for all;
Praise God! Be ready for His call!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry