Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Every Step

If you believe the Lord is
directing your every step,
Then why should you question Him
if you happen to get upset.
     inspired by Proverb 20:24

If the Lord is your master and
you want Him to be,
You should not want everything explained
because all things from the Lord are given free.

The Lord works out everything in our life
for our ultimate good.
We have no right to be wary of the Lord's plans -
there is no reason why we should.
     inspired by Romans 8:28

Life is a whole lot easier by trusting in the Lord -
He is our Heavenly Master.
If you question the Lord,
you will seek but never get what you are after.

So, believe this from the Proverbs -
the Lord is directing every single step.
Don't worry the Lord
has never lost anyone who believes in Him yet!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry