Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Someone At The Door

Ring, ring, At the front door, a young man opens -
Jesus says; "Hello, would you like to get saved today?"
The young man's jaw drops to the floor as he tried to
understand what Jesus just had to say!

The man stood there wondering what's going on
and if somebody has played a trick on him, you see!
So, he asked, "You say; You are Jesus? Do You have
any identification that You can show me?"

Jesus handed the man The Holy Bible and said, "This
is all the ID, as you call it, that I need wherever I go."
Then the man shouted out to his wife. "Honey, I think it
would be a good idea to come, Jesus has a Bible to show!!"

She answered back, "Jesus has His what?" as loud as she could
over the TV, VCR, and the brand new virtual reality game."
Then the man shouted as loud as he could; "Come quickly! This
guy insists that He is Jesus, first and last name!"

The wife said, "Ask Him if He can come back tomorrow
between one and four. I am too tired right now and
so are you-- it is just too hard."
So, Jesus turned and started to walk away when the young
man noticed. "Hey, You left Your Bible here!" Jesus said;
"No, that is my calling card!"

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry