Ujamaa Christian Poetry

An Ad in the Newspaper

Dear friends, I was reading in the Holy
Bible and thinking today.
If God put an ad in the newspaper
I wonder what He would say.

Maybe this; "Wanted all those who profess
themselves to be Christians - please apply.
Also wanted; all those people who don't
think they are Christians - but want to try!"

Also, I am the Lord God,
I give to everyone my love, for it is pure.
I can also feed the hungry, help the poor
and sickness I can also cure!"

The ad could go on to read; "I am the Power, so
turn to Me, Your God, I will take all who come.
If you are not saved open up your heart and receive salvation, don't turn away and run!"

Then I thought this could turn out to be a
full page ad and it would really cost!
But God would put the ad in every paper
if to save only one soul from being lost!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry