Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Write It Down

If you can't remember that God loves you,
you better write it down!
Or one day you may find yourself
in Satan's lost and found!

Of course, Satan wants you to get
yourself lost in the crowd.
Satan doesn't want your spirit to go to Heaven
riding on a majestic cloud.

God is love! God has eternal patience
waiting for you to come to Him.
So, one day when you die, do you want
that to be your beginning or your end?
Satan is the great liar, the one who is always
tempting you to do what is wrong.
If you can't remember that God loves you,
then you are dragging your feet along.
Keep in mind; how deeply God loves us -
He sent Jesus to die for everyone.
Write it down, "God loves me!!
For my sins He gave His only Son!!"

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry