Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Mile After Mile

Dear Father, I am so very thankful
that you were so wise.
Dear Dad, The wisdom God gave to you
you shared in our lives.

It helped me so much, but there were some times
when I failed to follow your advice.
I paid dearly, however you never had to tell me
more than twice.

When I think about you, I thank God
for what He gave to you, Dad.
You were my councilor, helper and friend;
what a great blessing I had.

My wonderful Father has been in God's Glory Land
for many years now.
And now I pass along to my son
all my know-how.

Dear Dad, each time I think of you
I never fail to smle.
So many good times we shared
by God's Grace, mile after mile.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry