Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Our Gift is Jesus

Dear friends, Don't feel sad too long
for our every day gift is Jesus.
No matter what is going on
our Lord and Savior is always with us.

When you are having a long hard day
don't forget Jesus is still with you.
You can talk to Him at any time
and let His love shine through.

We can open up our daily gift anytime,
just pray and Jesus is there.
Don't let those rocky roads in life get you down,
remember the instant power of prayer.

Prayer is always a quick pick-me-up
and you will have a much better day.
When you get home you can thank the Lord
for living in your heart to stay.

We thank You, God, for giving us Your Son
as our everyday gift - a great blessing to all.
Thank You, God, for in your Will
we shall forever stand tall.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry