Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Passion

How do we humans come close to
Christ's Passion?
It's because He lives in our hearts
in a perfect eternal fashion.

God has given us a great blessing that is so huge
we can not even begin to thank Him.
But it pleased God to send His Son to die
and save us from our sin.

Jesus had all of the sin of the world on His back,
the burden He endured was His accepted task.
That is Christ's Passion! You can clearly see that
and salvation is for all who ask.

Jesus was both man and God,
He persevered like no other.
God gave us Jesus so we will be able someday
to call everyone our sister or brother.

Can we ever thank Jesus enough
for His Passion? No! We can not!
But when we have the faith in us,
our spirit to God shall be brought.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry