Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Small Affair

Dear friends, Being saved and going to Glory Land
is no small affair.
It took God to do it, for only He has the love
that He will always share.

Let us not grow complacent and take God's great
gift of salvation for granted.
No, no! My friends, Let none of us do that,
for in His rich soil we are planted.

If we do act that way, it opens the door
for Satan to come in and cause trouble.
Get rid of him by the power of Jesus' name;
and I mean fast on the double!

It only takes a short while for Satan
to take away the peace that God has given you.
Friends, We will not let Satan invade our lives,
that is something we will not do.

You are no small affair, You are part of the "Great I Am";
just writing that puts a smile on my face!
And I pray on yours also,
for we know God's love is with us everyplace.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry