Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Christian Super Bowl

It's first down and 10 yards to go
the play is ready to begin.
But wait a moment - those other players
are cursing and starting to sin!

Up at the line they are using bad language
but our Quarterback holds his ground.
The play starts and there are sinners running
and pushing us around!

They are cheating, hitting, causing fouls
and spitting on us!
But thanks be to God, our Quarterback
is none other than Jesus!

"Hold steadfast, everybody!" He says.
"This game is already won!
I know we have just started this game, but
it's already done!"

But how?- We are only in the first quarter,
there are three more to get through.
Jesus says; "Keep the faith! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are here -
Satan's team is on the run there is nothing they can do!!"

Thank You, Lord, for these words.

Written by a servant of the Lord 1/21/06

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry