Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Dear LLC,

My darling, you are my Life Long Companion
and I pray you will always be.
I love you so very much
even though this world has gone crazy.

Our love will last for we were joined
together by our sacred vows.
Over the years the vows we pledged
in front of God have been the "hows".

They have reminded us of our commitment
to one another come what may.
That's also why when I think of you
it makes me happy each day.

You are my darling LLC, the one and only
that I'm bonded to - you are mine!
And I am yours! With God in our hearts
our love is gentle and kind.

Happy Valentines Day! My dear LLC,
I am yours until the Lord calls me home.
I will wait there for you;
for all eternity we will never be alone.

Thank You, God, for our love

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry