Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Helping Others With Cheer

Dear friends, I don't know about you
but I am going to serve my Lord more this year.
Yes, even through the trials and bumps,
I'll serve with God's love and cheer.

I know our Lord desires that we
help each other whenever we can.
That's how we can witness to others
following God's plan.

Gather your loved ones around you and
talk to them about sharing their love.
Take the time to enjoy each other
until we are called to God's Kingdom above.

There are hundreds of things that we can
do to help others feel the Lord's love in their heart.
Now is the time to get the year of 2006
off to a good start.

I sign off wishing you a happy, prosperous
and God filled January 1st, 2006.
I pray that you will invest your time with the Lord
instead of with the world's empty tricks.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry