Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The New Year 2006

Yes, dear friends, it is the NewYear 2006
let us thank our Lord!
Certainly we need to keep Him in our hearts
for He is our reward.

When we do as our Lord has told us,
then each year we will look forward to it.
That truth about our Lord,
I surely want to share with you - never forget it.

He is our mighty rock of salvation,
our Master who does only the best for us.
He is our Savior -
His name is Jesus.

God has given His Son to everyone on Earth
no matter the day or year.
How precious His love is -
unfailing, always drawing more near.

Let us not forget He is coming back
and it could be in this year of 2006.
Tell a friend about Jesus,
whatever the problem or trial - He is the fix.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry