Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Keeping Jesus In The Manger

Seems to me there are a lot of people
who want to keep Jesus in the manger.
The Baby Jesus, what a nice image
some think He was safe from danger.

That way Jesus is "that perfect little baby"
to talk about come Christmas week.
They bake cookies and go to church Christmas Day
and don't really even hear the preacher speak.

For some reason they don't want Jesus to grow up,
they don't want to learn about all the things for us He did.
Some folks are very content to keep Jesus a little baby,
just a little kid.

Perhaps you know someone like that,
if so tell me what is in their mind.
Please do! Let's help them know
Jesus has grown up - that's what God wants us to find.

Let's worship Jesus, our Savior,
a grown man, who died for us.
The grown-up, holy baby, God's Son,
we think about at Christmas is Jesus!

Lord, may this poem be used as You desire.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry