Ujamaa Christian Poetry

May I Play My Drum For You?

As the little boy said, "I have nothing to give -
I'm poor, but I can play my drum."
This is how a lot of us are this Christmas season,
we can give our love - for it is the greatest sum.

Friends, let us remember this song and it's message
for it is good for us to do.
The love we give and share about Jesus
shall for eternity shine through.

I shall play my drum just as good as I can
and even with a measure more.
I shall find room in my heart for Jesus.
He is our salvation who takes us to Heaven's door.

Remember, my friends, you have more to give
than the richest person on Earth.
It's your love! Yes, your love.
Jesus, we observe this day of your birth.

pa rump a pum pum
pa rump a pum pum!
inspired by "The Little Drummer Boy"

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry