Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Christmas Hearts Close to Bursting

My heart is to the point of bursting
for I am caught up in our Lord's Birthday celebration!
There is no other day on Earth like Jesus'
birth celebrated across many a nation.

Without Jesus we would have no hope now
or for the future divine.
Baby Jesus came to us long ago
He had His own star to shine.

Wise men, shepards and kings were guided
there on that glorious night.
The darkness was brightened so
everyone saw that glorious sight.

The angels proclaimed Jesus' birth
as they hovered in the air.
God made sure that everything
was in the proper place with loving care.

My heart is to the point of bursting
this Christmas 2005 - it's time to celebrate!
May all who are saved have the wonderful feelings
of Christmas love - instead of the world's hate.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry