Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Wonderful Praises Christmas Eve

We shall sing wonderful praises with a
joyful spirit this Christmas Eve of 2005.
It is Christmas and we have Jesus' birth
to celebrate for He is still alive.

May we gather 'round in one spirit
and sing to Jesus above.
Let every note ring true
with this year's celebration of love.

Come, I write, and give Jesus all the love we have
in our hearts this Christmas Eve.
Each of us should thank Jesus
for we know that His spirit within us will never leave.

Yes, we shall sing wonderful praises with a joyful spirit
Come one! Come all!
Let us sing as loud as we can and
let the glory of Jesus within us stand tall.

Praise Jesus that we have no load of sins or burdens
that we have to bear.
Come all you faithful and celebrate Jesus' birth
with awesome love to spare!

Jesus, we celebrate your birthdate!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry