Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Only One Way to Heaven

Jesus fed the masses with five
loaves of bread and two fishes!
Oh! He did much more than that,
He did all of His Father's wishes.

Jesus did many more miracles, just to touch
His Robe and any affiction was healed!
At the age of 33 Jesus was planting seeds
of life everlasting as He walked many a field.

Jesus also walked on the water and rescued
His Disciples taking them to the safety of shore
Jesus did so many wonderful miracles and He
told the people that His Father could do more!

Jesus always told the masses that He came to
this world to save them from their born sin.
He also said He would have to die for every
one, but 3 days later He would live again!!

Jesus' words all came true and all of the Holy
Bibles' prophecies came to pass as He was crucified!
There is only one way to heaven, it is faith in Jesus
there is no other way, even though many have tried!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry