Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Satan's Wares

Dear friends, I caution you to Be Aware!
Satan is around using all his wares.
Before you know it, he catches you
in one of his many snares.

He may put the idea in your mind about
breaking your marriage vow.
He is an expert at it; he easily shows
you a way - even when and how.

That is one of Satan's ways to cause trouble
for you and those with you at the time.
Talk to God when you first get a sinful idea
Satan sure makes them easy to find.

The Ten Commandments are broken all the time,
so I write this poem for eternity.
You know what you are doing wrong!
Repent and be forgiven through Christ, immediately.

Dear Lord, Thanks for this poem of warning.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry