Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A New Wind A Full Sail

O Great God, from the depths of depression
You have given me a new wind.
I have a full sail, I've overcome alot
and I'm ready to get back into the world again.

Dear God, You helped me to endure,
I held as tightly to You as I could.
O God, the many things I can do again ,
life is good.

A new wind, a new sail, I'm going to serve You
in every way that I can.
Helping others with depression is the feeling
I have inside for my life span.

I want to share my freedom with everybody
who is being held down with depression.
With Your help they'll bend,
but not break with their affliction.

I thank You, God, for the new wind and
the full sail which will take me many places.
I'll share Your love and see once sad looking folks
change direction with new faces

Lord, may this poem serve Your people well; I pray

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry