Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Lord Has Issues

If you are not saved and say
there is no Lord--it's all a hoax,
Then the Lord has issues with you
and there are no jokes.

The Lord can be very serious
about our faith in Him.
This poem is about some
of those issues, my friend!

If you do not acknowledge God then
on resurrection day He will not know you!
Then it will be too late to be saved,
you had chances you let fall through!

God is full of love and compassion
that will never change - come what may.
He will overcome what ever obsticles
That you put in His way.

So, get to know God before it is too late!
You must accept God's grace to save your soul!
If you do not, then you can have eternal issues
with satan--for he will be in control!!!

Dear Lord thank You for issues!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry