Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Prayer For Katrina's Victims

Dear friends, let us all give what we can and
lend a bountiful helping hand in one way or another!
We each have our ways of helping Katrina's
victims every sister and brother!

Let us help them in a most timely fashion
and not procrastinate!
Thousands of people are left with nothing,
they need us to help them wait!

The Lord has freed us by salvation and our
spirits can shine as we help those in need.
Yes, dear friends, lets show our generosity
with not one bit of greed.

We all can give more than we think we can
so let that be the very most you can give!
Those people would help you if the tables
were turned so we could be able to better live!

Well this is what I can do at the moment to
help in a way the Lord has given to me to share!
Dear friends, I pray the message of this poem
remains in your heart because you surely do care!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry