Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Without Jesus

I will tell you now that without faith in Jesus -
on your dying day, satan will have your soul.
You don't have to believe me
but God, not satan is in control.

God has put His Spirit in us all and
that is what satan is after all of the time.
But with Jesus in your heart,
satan will never your spirit be able to find.

With Jesus you will be safe from satan's
power to deceive and promise what you desire.
For behind satan's enticing promises
all you will ever find is hell driven fire!

Do you still want to go through life without Jesus-
if so, then I am very sorry for that.
Because at this very moment Jesus can save you and
put you on the Glory Land track!

Many millions have already done that and
there is always room for one more!
Dear friend, let that one more be you and
you'll one day enter Heaven's door!

Dear Jesus, Thank You for always being with us.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry