Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Poem--My Story!

I thought I would write a poem of love
for my great God and reigning King.
Just listen to the birds--God is with them
as their joyous songs they sing.

The great mountain tops covered with snow--
God most certaintly is also there!
And He is in everyone's heart--
His love, our Master freely does share!

O God! Great Lord of the Universe and all there is,
You put everything in it's exact place.
Dear God, Almighty! Without your Son in
our stead we couldn't look at Your Holy Face!!

Thank You, God, for making it possible for
every one to share Your Eternal Glory.
Faith in Jesus makes it possible--Thanks
for Your love, God. That's My Poem, My Story!

Thank You, God, for letting me write this!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry