Ujamaa Christian Poetry

May I Be Brave!

Dear Lord, let me be brave when
death comes my way.
Dear Lord, give me courage to endure
The final moments of the my last day.

I have been saved for a long time and I am
so very thankful for that!
Because I am very blessed by You, Lord,
where ever I am at.

Lord, You died a terrible death and You prayed
all the while to Your Father in Glory Land!
And I will try to do the same. I will,
with Your help, do like-wise the best I can!

It is human nature to cling on to that last breath
and many of us will struggle to very end.
And if I go that way, may I be brave.
I will never have to die in any way again!

May I be as brave as I can Lord, I will if
needed put up the good fight-that's in me!
Then I shall pass on and go to You, Lord -
my love, my Savior, my Victory!!

Dear Lord may I share this poem.
To help someone come Home!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry