Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Holy Bible at My Side

I took a nap, the Holy Bible at my side
I couldn't keep my eyes open enough to read.
Once in deep sleep, I dreamed about Jesus,
The Earth's first salvation seed.

I was walking belind Him in a crowd
of all kinds of people, growing all of the time.
I wanted to talk to Him and make
sure I was saved - that was on my minid.
People knelt before Him and
touched His robe as He walked by.
I thought that was a good idea so
I made a good effort to try.

But it was no use there were too many people
for me to be up front and praise Him.
And frankly I really didn't want to tell
Him where I had recently been.

Then all of a sudden God put me eye-to-eye
with His Son and told me to speak.
I pled; "Oh, God, I think for that my spirit
is much too weak."

But once more God made sure that I was
directly in His Son's path as we walked along.
Jesus came to me and I mumbled out; " Forgive my sins
there are too many to count that I have done wrong."

Jesus spoke; "I know how many!
You are forgiven of every single one."
I woke, heart racing and held my Holy Bible
to my chest - I spoke to God's Son!

Jesus forgives what we have done,
Praise God! Just talk to His Son!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry