Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Are You In God's Hands?

Many people these days are wondering
if they are in safe hands.
My friends; Yes, of course, we are -
all who know about God's plans.

Those who do not know about God,
they are in dire need.
They must accept God's Grace
and receive salvation by God's seed.

That means you will know about Jesus
and what He means to everyone.
By all means, those who are saved
are safe for eternity - their redemption won.

If you know someone who is wondering
about good and safe hands - let them know.
Tell those people about the 'Good News of
Salvation' - for then their spirit shall grow.

Are you in God's hands? Please be sure that
you are - it doesn't take much time.
Then you will be safe forever, my friends,
heart, soul and mind.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry