Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, now that I have found You -
I'm going to change the way I wanted to be.
My eyes have been opened and my heart
is full of joy, I am getting rid of the old me.

I am a human being and was born into this world,
yes I admit, that I will always sin.
I try not to, I fall short but I am not defeated,
I pray for forgiveness and start over again.

Yes, Lord, You gave Your life for me and
for all of the sins ever committed for all time.
I still do foolish things but I come to You each
day in prayer for You are a friend of mine.

I am doing all I can Lord to resist temptation
and turn away my sinful nature inside.
Dear Jesus, when I fall, You give me strength to start over
and it brings tears, that for me you died!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry