Ujamaa Christian Poetry

My Dad's Good Name

Looking back upon growing up I have only a few
memories, before the age 6 or 7, of my Dad.
Yes, memories come to me from about that age
I sure do thank God for the father I had.

They are good feelings and though the time
was long ago some have come back.
Dad and I were everyday buddies
We always knew where each other was at!

My Dad let me know about Jesus, God, and
the Holy Ghost who I could have inside my heart!
So, as I grew older and was called to accept Jesus
I had the faith to make a brand new start!

Yes, my Dad was a saved man and he had a very
easy going Spirit that rubbed off on me so to speak.
I am very thankful that he taught me life's lessons
And entrusted me with his good name to keep.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry