Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Give Your Burdens To The Lord

Friends, be sure to give your burdens to the Lord.
because there are times we tend to forget.
When that happens things get out of control
and then nothing seems to fit!

Dear friends, the Lord will carry
each burden we have---as only He can.
Give your problems to our Lord for
only He has the Master plan..

Our Lord has been taking care of us since
the time of Adam and Eve--they found out!
When the Lord called to them, He knew
mankind had to change and Satan was about!

Friends, we need not be afraid to give our burdens
to the Lord though many are from sinful deeds done!
But we should know the Lord will forgive us--so
Lord Thanks for helping us--Thy Kingdom Come!!

Inspired by Psalm 55;22

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry