Ujamaa Christian Poetry

THE BIBLE: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth

Our lives will be much better,
if we read the Bible each and every day.
A few passages here and there will help
you live, is what the Bible has to say.

God gave us the Bible to teach us many, many
things about life--that is true!
And all the while God will be talking to
me and also you.

Each one of us has our own way to live
and we do what ever we think is best.
But without God in our lives before we die
we may not know about God's eternal rest!

Yes, the Bible is God's Book and we will all
do very well to get into it's pages.
Then we will be all set for this life and the
next for all of the ages.

The Book of Basic Information Before Leaving Earth is complete!
Not one of us in our right minds will refute it's Word!
Read John 3:16, Romans 8: 28,34, Psalm 55:22,
Get caught up in the Spirit - now you have heard!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry