Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Blessed Are Those Who Know The Lord

Blessed are those who know Jesus when they
hear the trumpet blast-- they will be saved.
They will walk in the light of God's great
Promise that He made.

They will rejoice all day long in God's reputation
for God is their strength--what glory it will be.
Yes, God is our power and He is our every
day protection; we will live in His glory!

Yes, He is our Holy One and He Will
forever be our wonderful King!
What more could we ask for?
God wants us to come to Him for everything!

Yes, Lord You are our Father, Our God,
and our salvation!
You will save us from every place on this
Earth, every God fearing nation.

Lord, You, are our every day blessing and that
shall never change! You're our Rock, our Master!
Dear friends, may we drop our swords and rejoice
in God's love that saves us from disaster!

Dear Lord, thanks for this Psalm, may it serve
Your Kingdom. Psalm 89:14-26..

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry