Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Let Us Fight!

Come on all of you Christians,
put your knee pads on, start praying!
It is time to fight Satan and sin
Let's do some big time slaying!

Let us pray sin away and stay closer
to our Lord and Savior!
We will get millions of prayers that
will be changing sinners behavior!

Isn't it great! We need no weapons to
strike a single blow--except our prayer!
God listens to every one, He will never
leave us; Our God is always there.

It'll be an awesome battle we wage;
Satan's army of demons will fall!
How great it is on our knees with hands
clapsed! What power, when to God we call!

Friends, let's be ready with our prayers
so Satan's power in the fight will be slain!
Jehovah! O God! You are our King and Master
You will completly wipe out Satan's campaingn.

Dear Lord, I offer You these words!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry