Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Surrender To Jesus

Jesus, You took my place on the cross
You surrendered Your Life for us all.
For those of us who know Your voice
and for others who don't know Your call!

To this day, Jesus, You surrender
Your love to us - saints and sinners alike.
In your love there is room for all
who believe - I'm blessed to write!

Those of us who are saved have contact
with many unbelievers each day.
With Your love inside of us, Lord,
we can help show them the way!

That is what the Good News of Salvation
does and it works for our good.
And of course it does because that is
exactly how God said it should.

Let us all surrender to Your love, Jesus,
and our time here will be blessed time.
And for all of you out there, get Jesus in
Your heart--not just in your mind!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry