Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Dear Mom and Eternity

Dear Mom, if you were still alive,
I would tell you that you were so loving to me every day.
You never turned your head
or shrugged your shoulders to walk away.

You fixed or changed whatever that was
in need of your tender touch.
Yes, Mom, if you were here this day,
I would tell you that I love you so very much.

You fed and clothed me, you rocked me to sleep,
and for me you did without.
You always came into my bedroom and taught me
to pray to the Lord as I grew older I had no doubt.

Yes, Mom, you introduced me to the Lord at a very
young age - I still say my prayers day and night.
Through the years I'll never forget your smile
or your touch that made all things right.

Though I'm a grown man of 55 yrs, this Mother's Day
I will shed tears for having my God given, wonderful Mom.
I know I will meet her again in God's glory
to spend eternity. I love you, Mom!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry