Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Moms, Hugs and Songs

Friends, some of our mothers have
passed on to glory land and others are still living.
Those who are alive continue to
demonstrate their unselfish art of giving.

If your mom is still alive, be sure to
give her loving hugs and kisses this Mother's day.
Because there will come a time when
she will to Jesus make her way.

You just can't hug your mom enough
I tried, but it just cannot be done.
Moms are worth their weight in gold -
even more, whether you are a daughter or a son.

That's the way moms are - there is nobody like
good ol' mom, the world's greatest fixer of everything.
Yes, with the Lord's love in mom's hearts
they can in all circumstances still sing.

That love - pure love, those songs - hummed
to make her children feel safe and sound.
It doesn't matter if her children are babies or grown-up,
they still want to feel like mom is always around!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry