Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Copy Cat Christians

Oh, those tricky copy cat Christians
are all at it once again!
You know - the ones who say they
don't ever ever sin!

Oh well, I reckon they have always been
around - even in Jesus'earthly walk!
Those 'holier than thou' people were
here and about them Jesus did talk.

So, it is not as bad as I first thought, it's just
been coming to the surface more it seems.
I will pray for them and help them get to
know Jesus - so I can have peaceful dreams.

I think if we all said a prayer for them-
those copy cats who say they love the Lord.
It will be the best that we can do and it is
something all Christians can afford!

Yes, that is the deal - if it is okay with you
and I am sure that it will be.
Because we have a lot of Jesus in us and
loads of love to share that is 100% free!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry