Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Before I Knew Better

Before I knew better, I said dumb
stupid words to many others.
I cared less about their feelings and
they were not my sisters or brothers!

Before Jesus I was a cold person and
I hurt people by what I did to them!
Yes, before Jesus I was caught in my
never-ending sin!

But now, all praize to Jesus! I witness to
all people who read these inspired poems!
I even try to reach them through the internet
in their homes!

I tell them what Jesus did for me after
I accepted Him as my redemptor.
I witness about Jesus and how He saved
me and took away my terrible temper!

I pray I won't say stupid words anymore,
but like most of us--I do slip once in a while!
But soon as I do, I repent, the Lord forgives
me and that gives me a lifetime smile!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry