Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Tune Up

Lord, I need to be humble and have more
patience in my life, hear my prayer!
It doesn't take much for me to yell some-
thing I will regret. Forgive me, I do care!

I need a spiritual tune up job, I need quick
love service to get back on the right road.
Dear Lord, if You are the wrecker service
for people like me, I need to get towed.

I do not care what bill You submit,
I will pay it the very best way that I can!
I sure do need help so I can do Your Will
a whole lot better and be a godly man!

Dear Lord, I am aware that life here on this
Earth is but a temporary stopping off place.
It will all come to an end and when it does
You are the first one I will want to face.

Dear Lord, keep me humble in all aspects
of my life and help me remain calm.
Lord, tune me up so I can serve You always
and in pure love and faith I will live On!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry