Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Magnificent Obsession

Jesus is my magnificent obsession, yes I am
caught up in the Lord's Spirit and feel great!
And when Sunday comes I am going to
Church--I can hardly wait!

The preacher gets to preaching what the Holy
Spirit put in his heart - it lifts my Spirit high!!
My magnificent obsession is Jesus--
He is the forever, blessed reason why!

I just noticed something, I am witnessing to you
about our Savior and all that He can do.
He saved my soul and I am a believer,
Jesus is in my heart and soul that is most true!

All you need is saving Grace which is free
and then ask Jesus to save you forever.
Confess your sins and soon my friends Jesus
is in you and you will not forget Him ever!

You'll have Jesus in your heart by the grace of God,
His perfect will is being done.
That is all our human body and mind can handle,
eternal life--it's a free gift - our salvation's won!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry