Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Awaits At Home

Dear Friends, Jesus is alive
I know that full well.
God sent his Son to us to save us
from the powers of Hell.

Yes, Jesus has risen and all humanity
has been by Him saved.
Let us praize his name over and over
for us He was made!

Rejoice, sing songs of victory over
and over again!
Keep Jesus in your heart and know
He has saved us from our sin!

He lives and that means we will
also conquer the sting of death.
That I fully say my friends with
my daily and nightly breath.

He has silenced all my troubles and
all of my fears.
And at times when I am troubled
He wipes clean my tears.

Dear friends, Jesus is alive and He
awaits our trip back home.
For through the shadow of death
we shall never, never be alone!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry