Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Speed Bumps

Oh! Yes for sure, we have speed
bumps that slow us down.
We all need them and God's
way is the best I have found!

God tells me everything I need to do
to slow me down each day.
And that happens all the time
when to God I turn and pray!

Prayer can smooth out the speed bumps
and get our lives under God's control.
All things are working out in God's way
and then we give Him our soul.

I do know that at anytime God can give us
help--all we need to do is ask!
And for some of us it may be some what
of a change, but it is an easy task.

Yes, it surely is worth it once you are
on God's well lighted, highway to Him.
And then Jesus will lead you to Glory
Land, it works every time--tell a friend!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry