Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Gold Bucket - A Black Bucket

There was a person to whom God gave a gold
bucket to put every blessing in.
And a black bucket to put all his problems
and sorrows in again, and again.

Soon the gold bucket began to feel a little
heavier and there was no doubt about that.
And the person kept putting all worries
in the bucket that was black.

In a month the person could hardly carry around
the gold bucket--it was so very heavy!
But the black bucket was not any heavier
though the person put in troubles by the bevy.

Finally, the person asked God what was going on!
the gold bucket of blessings was impossible to lift!
The black bucket that had the problems and sorrows
was easy to carry--what a blessing! What a gift!!

God said, "My child, the blessings are for you to keep!
Because My love for you is there every day.
I put a hole in the bottom of the black bucket,
you aren't burdened, I took your problems away!"

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry