Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Is Coming Soon

Friends, this is what our God has put in my
heart this new year to share with all of you.
Watch and see all that is going on in this
World--Nature taking more than it is due.

Read the World's headlines--they all in some
way affect you where you may be living at!
My friends, I honestly believe these are the
end times--Jesus is soon coming back!!

Signs are every place, so take notice and be sure
that you and everyone you know is saved.
Because Satan has set loose his demons to
destroy all the good - the love God made!

Friends, do not sit around and think you are
protected---Just remember about the 9-11 day!
That tragedy has changed this World--a sign
that Jesus is soon coming our way.

Wars are still going on in countries controlled
by Satan - he's taken complete charge!
I feel God is speaking to my heart--He is telling
me Jesus is coming on His majestic cloud at large.

Please wake up! If you are asleep in the Spirit,
or if you just do not in any way believe!
God has spoken the Word to Jesus and He is coming!
God has told our Savior when to leave.

These words came to me--I share them with You.
I pray that it will help in some way, yes I do.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry