Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Valentine's Day - Love, Love, Love

Valentine's Day can mean a lot to so many,
but it's centered around the word love.
Some people make a big show out of that day,
sending flowers and gifts that they think of.

As long as they have the Lord in their
hearts and minds that's what counts the most.
For the Lord makes all things which are good,
He is the Earth's Host.

When we are doing special things for our loved ones,
let's not forget our Lord.
For one day out of pure love
we will receive our greatest reward.

What a blessing it is to have loved ones in our lives
as we go along our journey here.
It all comes from our gracious, bountiful Lord
who tends to us so very dear.

Let us never forget what He does
and all of our Valentine's Days will be great.
And our love, love, love will always defeat
all kinds of jealousy and hate.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry