Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Unseen Things

I believe in the unseen things.
Like in the middle of turmoil
the peace only prayer brings.

I believe God is greater than anything
or any problem on this Earth.
Each and every day in unseen faith
there is rebirth.

Don't grow weary and give up hope
when life is sometimes unkind.
When hard days come, seek Jesus - in
Him love and comfort you will find.

Don't ever say the heck with it and never
give up or let yourself get beat.
God's unseen Angels are all around us
from our head to our feet.

All things are possible through faith
you can't see it but it's in you and me.
And our prayers to God are all answered;
yes, no, or you have to wait on the Trinity.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry