Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Come Rejoicing - Songs Voicing

Let us all come and rejoice - let us sing
and praise our Savior's Birthing!
Angels are all around us now
and all spirits are rejoicing!

Doesn't that make your Spirit in Christ
come alive, very much alive Christmas Day.
God has given us Jesus - at birth
Dear God, "Thank you," is what I say.

Come! Come! All of you and rejoice!
Let songs ring out that Jesus is alive and well
Our hearts are close to bursting with love
and so much joy in us this Christmas I tell!

We are breaking out with goose bumps
the hair on the back of our neck is standing on end.
Some of us are showing tears of joy and love for
Baby Jesus - now Savoir, what a gift God did send.

Let no one take for granted what God has done
with His Mighty virgin birth of His Son!
Dear sisters and brothers, let us sing and not forget
for a moment, to rejoice! God's will was done!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry