Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Counting Your Blessings

When you try to count all the blessings
you have in your life again and again!
You will find out you have many more
than you think, my friend.

It is always good to spend time counting
your blessings each and every day.
Then you will become more like Jesus
as the Holy Bible surely does say.

You can become more godly--able to cast
away sin before it takes root and gets a start.
And you're also able to care for your children
with God given patience and a loving heart.

Yes, that is the way to live and be thankful
for all of your God given time.
And do not spend your time wishing for
every thing you see -that is a sin, a crime!

Do yourself a favor and start counting your
blessings - it will make you feel good.
Then the differences in your life will be
contagious in your own neighborhood

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry