Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Bountiful Table

Let the rejoicing begin! The Lord has given
us another bountiful Thanksgiving.
Yes, dear friends, each year we come together
as one family, we are in the Lord's family living.

We are in the spirit of the Lord
as we make our plans for this season.
We praise our Lord! We love Him
that is the wonderful reason.

He has seen that everything is working out
in our lives at this bountiful time.
We are to be sure we thank our Lord
with all of our heart, our spirit and our mind.

We will say grace before our bountiful table
that we have from our tasks and labor.
We are most reverant; and that , sisters and brothers,
is our Lord's doing - our table is due to His favor.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry