Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Roll The Credits

If you have lived all of your life with out Jesus-
just as well roll the credits "your life" is done!
How sad it will be when there will be no Lord
or glory for you--Satan, the villan won !!

So, let your life, "your movie", be full of blessings
and kindness to your fellow man.
Get saved and let everyone embrace the Lord and
be one in His Spirit, always in love we will stand.

You will get all the support cast that you need
that will be a blessing, remember that.
And any time you are feeling down do not ever
forget-- Jesus is where you are at!!

Go have a wonderful life with the Lord in the
center of it---He is your leading, guiding Star!
Then at the end of your life, your credits will roll
and roll in Heaven where you are!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry